Keyboard Shortcuts

g then h→ homeGo to front page
g then l→ loginGo to login page
g then d→ dashboardGo to admin dashboard
g then c→ commentGo to comment edit page
g then t→ themesGo to themes page
g then p→ pluginsGo to plugins page
g then u→ usersGo to users page
g then s→ settingsGo to settings page
?→ helpToggle the help area
/→ searchFocus the search box
d→ debugToggle the debug bar
r→ reloadReload the current page
e→ editEdit current post
p then a→ post allAll post listing
p then n→ post newCreate new post
Shift + p then a→ page allAll page listing
Shift + p then n→ page newCreate new page